Certain medications increase the risk of falls, especially in older adults, and falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for this age group.  Trauma statistics indicate that one dies from a fall every 20 minutes in this country and several are treated in an emergency room every minute.

The Arizona Senior Academy has scheduled one of its periodic wellness lectures Wednesday (April 18) on “Medications and the Risk of Falling.”  The speaker is Christa Tetuan, clinic assistant for ambulatory care in the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy. The lecture, open to the public free of charge, begins at 3:30 p.m. in the Great Room of the ASA Building.

One study indicated that over half of the 20 medications most frequently prescribed for older adults may increase the risk of fall injury. Preventing falls in this population remains a top priority for health care providers and caregivers alike.

Tetuan received both her bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical science and her doctor of pharmacy degree from the University of Kansas. She completed her first pharmacy residency at the University of Missouri in Kansas City and the Red Cross Pharmacy in Excelsior Springs, Missouri.

Christa Tetuan

She is now completing her second year of residency at the at the U of A College of Pharmacy’s Medication Management Center, performing medication reviews for patients all over the country and working in physicians’ offices to help patients achieve their disease-state goals.  One of the offices where she sees patients is the Geriatric Clinic at Banner UMC.

Tetuan’s areas of interest include ambulatory care, medication therapy management, chronic care management, transitions of care, and academia.   Commenting on her professional focus, she says “I am passionate about educating patients, pharmacy students, and providers. I also love trying to find new ways pharmacists can perform services.”

Written by H. Deon Holt, Academy Village Volunteer

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Medications and the Risk of Falling:April 2018
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