Bella Vivante
Bella Vivante

From Ancient Greece to contemporary times, poets have been drawn to express their own images of Helen of Troy.

Following her previous day’s lecture about the many faces of Helen of Troy, Bella Vivante, Professor Emerita of Classics, University of Arizona, returns to perform dramatic readings of ancient Greek and modern poetry that present the kaleidoscopic Helen. She will be joined by Bill Burnett, Professor Emeritus of Theatre Arts, De Paul University, Chicago.

Their dramatic reading, in two voices, will present a selection from the large and diverse body of poetry composed on the subject of the complex, ever-fascinating Helen.

The performance will take place at 3:30 p.m. Thursday, (April 23) in the Arizona Senior Academy Great Room.

Bella Vivante focuses her research on Homer, ancient Greek drama, ancient women’s ritual and cultural roles and currently on Helen of Troy in ancient Greek and modern poetry and film.  In addition to her academic expertise, Vivante has experience as an actor, director and scriptwriter.

Bill Burnett
Bill Burnett

Burnett has trained professional actors for 25 years and worked as an actor, director and educator for over 40 years.  He is a passionate advocate of reading poetry aloud, especially epic and tragic verse.

Written by Priscilla Moore, Academy Village Volunteer

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How Poets Through the Ages Have Seen Helen of Troy: April 2015
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