Gary Stroutsos
Gary Stroutsos

“Desert Dreams: Celebrating Five Seasons in the Sonoran Desert,” a film by Thomas Wiewendt with music by Gary Stroutsos, will be the featured presentation at the Arizona Senior Academy next Thursday (April 24) at 2:30 p.m. The film explores the richness and beauty of our desert, showing an astonishing 182 species of plants and animals.

Gary Stroutsos, a master musician who has explored the music of many cultures, especially Native American, will discuss the film and demonstrate some of the 29 musical instruments he used in it.

The film has been described as “an immersive multimedia experience with no narration, a creative blend of HD video footage, time-lapse imagery, stills, natural sounds, and ‘organic music’ performed by world-class musician Gary Stroutsos.”

It is a pictorial and musical chronicle of the Sonoran Desert lowlands of the American Southwest and northwestern Mexico.

Stroutsos has collected flutes from around the world, including an American Indian flute that dates back 2000 years. He has devoted years to learning about the music traditions of the native flute, and has created beautiful original compositions as well as authentic renditions of old songs.

Now retired after a long and distinguished career, he continues to share his passion for native music, concentrating on outreach to underserved communities.

Submitted by Betty Feinberg, Academy Village Volunteer

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Musician to Describe his ‘Desert Dreams’ Music : april 2014