Lincoln Perino
Lincoln Perino

Even here in Arizona, water seems conveniently available.  Open the tap.  Import Rocky Mountain water.  Dig more wells.  Irrigate trees and plants with drinking water.

But in reality water in our dry desert Southwest is scarce, with rains coming only twice a year and rivers and streams drying up. Hot, dry climates loom, and global climate change threatens water availability.

The second Water Sustainability Seminar at the Arizona Senior Academy will feature a talk entitled “Water Harvesting: A Simple Way to Stretch Water” and will be presented by Lincoln Perino, founder of Ethos Rainwater Harvesting and speaker at workshops of Pima County’s Cooperative Extension.  The seminar, open to the public, will be presented Wednesday (April 2) and will run from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Why does water harvesting make sense?  How can I get started?

Water harvesting is a simple, proven technique for helping nature’s water (and sometimes household water) go farther. One approach uses swales and depressions in the landscape to collect rainwater and keep it on-site, rather than letting it run off-site down roads and streets.  The collected water irrigates nearby plants and those inside the water structures.  Another uses barrels and tanks to contain rainwater.  A third uses gray water from household washing.  Simple, low cost, easy to install and maintain, water harvesting puts to use at low-cost the rainwater we get.

Perino earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Arizona in Sustainable Land and Water Studies and has been involved in rainwater harvesting projects since 2006. He has guest lectured for UA Rainwater Harvesting classes and is currently an instructor for the Pima County Cooperative Extension’s WaterSmart program and the Tucson Water Incentive course.

He will offer examples of successful water harvesting at the upcoming seminar, and “how to get started” will be emphasized.  A follow-on workshop will be arranged for those who wish to learn more and to get started on projects.

Submitted by Ted Hullar, Academy Village Volunteer

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Talk Examines a ‘Simple Way to Stretch Water’:April 2014