Water harvesting means more than simply fixing a leaky faucet.

How much can be done with water harvesting? How far can you go? At 2:30 p.m. Wednesday (April 5) the Sustainability Environment and Conservation Committee (SEC) of Academy Village will sponsor a two-hour presentation and tour on the topic in the Arizona Senior Academy Great Room.

The program will include a water harvesting overview by a Tucson expert, a story by a man who lives “off the water grid” and relies entirely on rainwater, and a tour of Academy Village homes where various water harvesting systems are in place.

The first hour will begin with a lecture by Lincoln Perino, water harvesting project manager and designer for the Watershed Management Group (WMG). WMG develops community-based solutions to ensure long-term prosperity and environmental health through sustainable practices. Perino will present an overall picture of water harvesting in Tucson, why it is important, and what WMG is doing to encourage the practice.

Lincoln Perino

Following Perino’s presentation will be a report by David Stevenson, who uses only rainwater at his Tucson home. Stevenson, who designs residential solar systems at Technicians for Sustainability (TFS), is completely off the water grid. Although way beyond the simple things most homeowners are likely to consider, his story shows how far one can go to preserve Arizona’s water resource.

Joe Helgert, an Academy Village resident, will follow Stevenson’s talk with a slide show highlighting a variety of water harvesting systems now operating in the Village.

Then, in the second hour, people will be invited to visit homes in the Village where water harvesting is being done. Several use basins, swales and berms to hold rain water, a few use tanks, and a couple pipe water from washing machines outdoors for landscaping. The emphasis will be to explain how easy it is to do these simple things.

Written by Joe Helgert, Academy Village Volunteer


Water Harvesting—From Easy to Extreme: April2017