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By now, most of us have used electronic books, known to many as e-books or ebooks. Despite having the same content as bound paper books, it’s obvious that they don’t feel or function the same. The multiple factors that affect the experience—and which age groups of people tend to appreciate the difference of paper vs. digital books—might surprise you.

At 3:30 p.m. on Thursday (Aug. 23), the Arizona Senior Academy welcomes Sabrina Helm, a UA associate professor who researches consumer perceptions and behaviors in the University of Arizona’s Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences, will join us to explore this topic based on her new findings.

One example: Young people aren’t as enamored with this technology as they are portrayed to be, in part because the sense of ownership of books becomes ambiguous in digital form. Perhaps under-recognized is the problem of sharing e-books, an important aspect of social connections and communication.

While recognizing that both physical and digital books have their place, Helm also has numerous ideas to make e-books friendlier and more practical for a wider range of users. She will discuss how this evolving technology continues to change how we act and how we feel, and how it might be improved to provide us with a better reading experience.

Helm’s areas of expertise and research include many fresh ideas, such as the social responsibility of consumers and the practice of sustainable consumption. She is an avid outdoor adventurer, who enjoys long hikes in Arizona’s mountains and canyons as well as performing “Triple Rims” (i.e., crossing the Grand Canyon twice in a day). Her enthusiasm for connecting research to improving our society should make for a thought-provoking experience at the ASA.

Written by John Evans, Academy Village Volunteer

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The Pros and Cons of Reading Electronic Books: August 2018
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