Paul Fisher returns to the Arizona Senior Academy’s Great Room at 3:30 p.m. Thursday (Aug. 24) to examine 1,000 years of history through your morning cup of coffee, from its first mention in a 9th century Ethiopian legend to its significant role today.

Journey from Africa to 17th-century London, to the coffee plant itself, to headaches, to financial fortunes, to the birth of the coffee filter and the espresso machine, to what exactly gets consumed in coffee houses in Amsterdam. Join us, as we travel with our guide, leading us through pictures, facts and fun!

This is your chance to learn everything you’re ever going to need to know about that cup of java.

Paul Fisher is an accomplished researcher who makes his topics come to life. In 2003, he received the Community Foundation of Southern Arizona/Buffalo Exchange Arts Award and in 2007, he was awarded a “Lumie” by the Arizona Daily Star and Pima Arts Council.

Paul Fisher
You know you’re addicted to coffee if…
*You grind your coffee in your mouth
*You get a speeding ticket even when you’re parked

He is a speech trainer who works with radio personalities, podcasters, public speakers and those who want to improve their speaking voice. He is a performer who has worked with many of the performance groups in Tucson, and venues across the USA and abroad.

Fisher is an emcee, an auctioneer and writer. He has appeared in a few movies including “The Paper Boy” directed by Lee Daniels. He teaches creative thinking for such clients as Raytheon, Intuit and Canyon Ranch. He is one of the founders of “Embody Learning” a groundbreaking new approach to classroom teaching.

Written by Sharon Stetz, Academy Village Volunteer

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A Brief History of Coffee—By the Cupful: August 2017
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