Desika Narayanan

We all know the universe is big.  Very big!

But how do we know?  That will be the topic of the lecture to be given Wednesday afternoon (Dec. 19) by Desika Narayanan, astronomer at the Steward Observatory.  His talk is part of the continuing  Arizona Senior Academy lecture series at the Academy Village.

Narayanan, currently the Bart J. Bok Fellow at the University of Arizona, has long been interested in astronomy.  He describes himself as a theorist interested in a broad range of problems related to star formation, galaxy formation and evolution, and ISM (interstellar material) physics – especially the ages and the sizes of things, like the universe.

But he also has a zeal to teach and to share his love of astronomy with others.  This had led him in the past to start an astronomy series at the Cambridge Senior Center while he was at Harvard.

Narayanan earned a bachelor of science degree in astronomy (with highest honors) and another bachelor of science degree in physics (with high honors) from the University of Florida in 2003. Four years later he completed his doctoral degree from the University of Arizona.

Submitted by Michael Chriss, Academy Village Volunteer

How Big is The Universe?: Dec. 2012
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