This most recent photo of the Arizona Wind Quintet shows Brian Luce (far left), but he is on sabbatical this year and is being replaced by Kate Nichols. Others in the photo are (from left) Jackie Glazier, Gregory Helseth, Sara Fraker, and William Dietz.

It’s a sweetheart of a Valentine’s Day concert the Arizona Wind Quintet offers at the ASA on Tuesday (Feb. 14) at 11:30 a.m.

The program and the personnel—all of whom hail from the University of Arizona’s Fred Fox School of Music—mix old and new, both works and faces.

The concert introduces to ASA several new members of this faculty ensemble, which plays frequently on the UA campus, in the community and on tours. Clarinetist Jackie Glazier joined the School of Music this past fall; hornist and visiting faculty artist Gregory Helseth performs this year as a sabbatical replacement for Daniel Katzen. And doctoral student Kate Nichols steps in as the quintet’s top voice for another faculty member on sabbatical, flutist Brian Luce.

Faculty members Sara Fraker, oboe, and William Dietz, bassoon, complete the roster.

On the bill are works from the late Renaissance-early Baroque and the 20st century.

Anchoring the early end is Dutch composer Jan Sweeklinck’s “Variations on a Folksong.” Bassoonist Dietz described the work as “an artful arrangement of an organ work by Sweelinck.” The folksong on which the variations are written is titled “Mein jundes Leben hat ein End” (My young life was coming to an end).

From the 20th century come a march by famous American hornist John Barrows and the 1994 “Cinco Danzas Breves” (“Five Short Dances”) by Mexican composer Mario Lavista.

The piece de resistance is Paul Hindemith’s 1922 five-movement “Kleine Kammermusik,” Op. 24, No. 2, (“Small Chamber Music”) a standard of the wind quartet repertoire and, said Dietz, “the most important work on the program.” It’s sophisticated, wry and charming.

Dietz, said the group may not play all the movements of the multi-movement Hindemith and Lavista works, but you can bet the winds will blow fair here on Valentine’s Day.

Written by Susan Nisbett, Academy Village Volunteer

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A Sweetheart of a Valentine’s Day Concert: February 2017