A bicyclist uses the new bike lane in a widened stretch of Houghton Road near Drexel.
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The 20-year Pima County Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) plan, now in its 12th year, was designed to meet the needs of all commuters in our region, whether you drive, walk, ride a bike or use transit.

A recent independent performance audit found that the RTA, after spending nearly $1 billion, is delivering projects as promised, and if current practices continue, the RTA will successfully complete the plan. Mindy Blake, outreach coordinator for the Pima Association of Governments, will give an overview of the plan’s goals and progress in a talk at the Arizona Senior Academy on Thursday (Feb. 15), beginning at 3:30 p.m.

“We all come from different backgrounds, with unique experiences, but there is something that we have in common: Transportation,” Blake said. “We have to get around, and we rely on transportation for everything from putting food on the table to getting to medical appointments.”

The $2.1 billion plan was approved by county voters in 2006. It authorizes a half-cent sales tax to be used for 35 specific roadway projects, plus improvements in transit, safety, environmental areas, and economic vitality. The Plan does not cover roadway maintenance projects.

None of the major roadway projects begun so far has been located east of Houghton Road, although RTA funds are earmarked for improved bike lanes along Speedway and Broadway from Houghton to Freeman and along Freeman Road from Speedway to Old Spanish Trail.

Mindy Blake

Other roadway projects of interest to southeast side residents include widening of Speedway, Broadway and 22nd Street from Camino Seco to Houghton Road.

Blake will show “The RTA Moves Us,” a slide show and video overview of the RTA and an update on projects completed since 2006.

Written by Charles Prewitt and Mike Maharry, Academy Village Volunteers


A Look at Pima’s Regional Transportation Plan:Feb.2018