hourglass image cropWe all remember having “the talk” (or avoiding it!) with a parent as we entered puberty, but “having the talk” takes on new meaning as we enter life’s third chapter. Join us on Friday (Feb. 12) from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. in the Great Room of the Arizona Senior Academy to start the conversation. We will preview a new and locally produced PBS documentary, Passing On, which will air later in the month.

At this stage, “the talk” includes how we want to die, and requires speaking frankly with our loved ones about the care decisions that have to be made before we pass on. Many people are not having these discussions.

Less than one-third of Americans have advanced medical directives instructing loved ones of their end-of-life wishes, and fully one-half of Americans will spend every cent they have to extend life, usually by only a matter of months.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Like death and taxes, we know we cannot get out of either, so it makes sense to give our attention to the choices and decisions we can make ahead of time. If this process were simple and unemotional, it would not continue to be on our TO DO lists year after year.

Following this 60-minute preview of Passing On, a panel will engage audience members in discussion with time for questions and answers.

The documentary’s senior producer was Tom Kleespie, and the executive producer was John Booth. During his 38-year career with AZPM, Kleespie has produced national documentaries including Phoenix Mars Mission: Onto The Ice, and Unforgettable: The Korean War. These programs are, to date, the only two AZPM programs to have aired on the PBS national primetime schedule.

Booth has worked in all aspects of production, including videography, editing, directing and producing. His body of work includes national PBS programs such as The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, Frontline, and Nova. Booth has also produced and written documentary programs including: Sinking the Lusitania; Occupied Japan, and episodes of The Great Lodges of the National Parks and Great American Railway Journeys.

Written by Sharon Stetz, Academy Village Volunteer

ASA Previews New End-of-Life Documentary:Feb.2016
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