When not writing, Kathi Ciskowski enjoys the natural beauty of Washington State's San Juan Islands.
When not writing, Kathi Ciskowski enjoys the natural beauty of Washington State’s San Juan Islands.

Fancy yourself a playwright? Or just enjoy the grease paint and footlights? Find out how a successful “ten-minute play” is conceived, written and performed for a Play Fest.  A Play Fest gives someone new to theater a chance to try it out without a major investment of time.

From Alabama to Iowa, Ten-Minute Play Fests are providing opportunities for new playwrights, as well as veterans, to show their creative energies. The brief performances give actors a chance to participate in a production that brings the playwright’s vision to life.

At 3:30 p.m. Thursday (Feb. 2) playwright Kathi Ciskowski will share her experiences in writing and producing two of her ten-minute plays that were accepted in the Orcas Island, Wash., Festival of Ten-Minute Plays. In addition, several Academy Village residents will present a reading of “The Certified Letter” and “The Sounds of Silence.” These two humorous plays delve into the entanglements of marital relationships.

In “The Certified Letter,” Rose and Roger receive a notice of a certified letter waiting to be picked up at the post office. Since it’s a holiday, they must wait a day to discover the letter’s contents. Because only a last name is on the notice, the couple’s questions and confessions lead to a surprise ending.

The same couple are featured in “The Sounds of Silence” at a later date. They take an eventful hike on Orcas Island suggested by a guide book.

Ciskowski has written for the Seattle Genealogical Society as well as the Washington State History website, www.historylink.org/. Her ten-minute plays were performed by the Actors Theater of Orcas Island in 2015 and 2016.

Written by Janet Barrett, Academy Village Volunteer

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Academy Village is an active-adult community located off Old Spanish Trail six miles southeast of Saguaro National Park East. Its residents support the Arizona Senior Academy, a non-profit charitable organization whose mission includes offering free concerts and lectures to the public.

These events are held in the Great Room of The ASA Building adjacent to the Academy Village Community Center. Due to the popularity of cultural events, non-residents who wish to ensure priority seating are advised to make reservations by email at info@arizonasenioracademy.org or by phone at (520) 647-0980. To learn more about the Academy, go to www.asa-tucson.org.

Parking for visitors is in the lot behind the Community Center. All parking spaces in front of the Academy building are reserved.

Explore Ten-Minute Plays: February 2017
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