Arlo Ogden
Arlo Ogden

Saguaro National Park Ranger Arlo Ogden will provide a hands-on interactive talk on “Meet the Hohokam” at the Arizona Senior Academy Thursday (Feb. 27) at 3:30 p.m.

“Most people look, but they don’t see,” says Ogden. “The Hohokam were the first Tucson-area settlers, and they were here in southern Arizona until about the mid-15th Century.”

The Hohokam culture was significant for its sports ball courts, extensive irrigation canal systems and trade with others, possibly serving as a ‘melting-pot’ for early pre-historic Southern Arizonans.

Ogden will provide a Hohokam cultural overview with a time-line and maps, and he will share a collection of Hohokam pottery shards and other artifacts with the audience.

A University of Arizona graduate in education, Ogden has had a life-long interest in ancient peoples and archeology spanning from Egypt’s Pyramids to Pima’s Hohokam.  He has spent 23 years in over 30 countries on five continents. Ogden now has a career as both a naturalist speaker at the Saguaro National Park and a high school government teacher in Vail.

His life goal is “to help create the next generation of leaders as naturalists and conservationists.”

Submitted by George Scholz, Academy Village Volunteer

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Meet the Hohokam: the First Tucsonans: Feb. 27