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Moderator, Marna Broekhoff,  3-4:30 p.m., The Arizona Senior Academy Building

“When you wash up on our shores, we no longer greet you with the Statue of Liberty, a torch in her hand. Instead, we greet you with a pair of handcuffs, lock you up, and take your kids.” This statement by Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon) epitomizes the xenophobic, nativist, and racist attitudes towards Mexico under the Trump Administration. Particularly after we expropriated half of their territory in the middle of the 19th century, the U.S. and Mexico have had a complicated and tense relationship, with both countries prominently featured in each other’s politics and agendas. Does new leadership in Mexico portend change? 

The sixth in this year’s ASA weekly presentations of “Great Decisions: 2019,” produced by the Foreign Policy Association, is titled “The United States and Mexico: Partnership Tested.” It will have three parts: summary of the relevant chapter in the Great Decisions 2019 booklet along with related research, half-hour video, and discussion by audience participants. Topics will include the uniquely close ties between the U.S. and Mexico, the immigration “crisis,” trade and issues with NAFTA, and escalating drug “wars.” 

For further information, please visit the Foreign Policy Association at Reading the various links on this website as well as the chapter in the Great Decisions: 2019 booklet before the meeting will enliven the discussion, make it more inclusive, and thus help achieve the Great Decisions goal of creating informed and active citizens and compassionate voters.  

This week’s topic is particularly important for all of us living in the American Southwest, a.k.a. Mexamerica, as we face critical issues in our relationship with our neighbor just a few miles to the south.

Moderator Marna Broekhoff, like you, is a resident of Mexamerica, as well as of Academy Village. She has also visited Mexico numerous times and lived for a year in Cuernavaca as a child. 

Feb. 28: “The United States and Mexico: Partnership Tested: Great Decisions 2019″