Anders Lundegard
Anders Lundegard

Anders Lundegård was born in Växjö, Sweden, and made his debut as both soloist and broadcast performer at 17 during a youth artist festival in Stockholm. He earned his undergraduate degree at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, whereupon he received both a Fulbright and a Sweden-America Foundation award to continue his studies abroad. Lundegård completed his Master’s, Certificate of Performance and Doctoral degrees at Northwestern University, studying under the renowned saxophonist Frederick Hemke.

Lundegård has taught and toured extensively in Scandinavia and America, performing everything from contemporary chamber works to Baroque transcriptions and Classical concerti. He is particularly known for his solo recitals on alto and soprano sax, which include Bach , Mozart, contemporary composers as well as Lundegård’s own compositions.  Other of his musical achievements can be found on his website: .

Lundegård has played at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC and won prestigious prizes including one handed out by the late Prince Bertil, Duke of Halland, in Sweden. In Washington he regularly plays at corporate functions and embassies.

In recent years he has composed several of his own works and at Academy Village he will present a new work, in which various food groups are portrayed.  He is as comfortable with the modern repertoire as well as the classical period and will have both on tap for his 11:30 a.m. Tuesday (Feb. 3) concert.

He will be accompanied by Pianist Shu ching Cheng from the University of Arizona. Cheng has previously delighted Academy Village audiences as a piano collaborator.

Written by Brack Brown, Academy Village Volunteer

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Saxophonist Presents Food-Inspired New Work: Feb. 2015
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