Lee Ryan

“Age Related Changes in Memory,” a topic of interest to most older adults, is the subject of a wellness lecture at the Arizona Senior Academy on Wednesday (Feb. 7).

The speaker is Lee Ryan, professor and head of the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona and a leading researcher in areas relating to the aging brain.  Open to the public free of charge, the lecture begins at 3:30 p.m. in the Great Room of the ASA Building.

Ryan’s research focuses on the neural basis of memory, age-related changes in memory, and how these changes relate to brain functioning. She has a special interest in memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, and is currently conducting research using magnetic resonance imaging as a tool for detecting subtle markers of change in brains of individuals at risk for Alzheimer’s disease prior to the onset of memory impairment.

She also studies ways to maintain a healthy brain through heart-healthy lifestyle choices.

Her research is currently funded by the National Institute on Neurologic Disorders and Stroke, the Arizona Disease Control Research Commission, and the Arizona Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.

A graduate of the University of Toronto, Ryan received a Ph.D. degree in cognitive and clinical psychology at the University of British Columbia and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California at San Diego.

In addition to serving as head of the Psychology Department, she is director of the Cognition and Neuroimaging Laboratory and associate director of the Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute at the UA.

She has published more than 60 scholarly articles in professional journals based on her research.  She has been active in mentoring programs that encourage women and minority students to become involved in research and pursue a career in science.

Written by H. Deon Holt, Academy Village Volunteer


How Memory Changes With Age:Feb.2018
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