For as long as Homo sapiens have understood that fingers can represent quantities, numbers have played a key role in the rise of civilization.

Who are we and how did we get here? That is the universal existential question. People have long been fascinated by questions of how Homo sapiens evolved and what distinguishes the human species from other species.

At 3:30 p.m. Thursday (Feb. 9), Academy Village resident Fritz Reinagel will give a lecture in which he will argue that numbers are the basis of our civilization and the world of technology that permeates it. The program, titled “Thinking About Numbers,” will be held at the Arizona Senior Academy’s Great Room.

A key part of the discussion looks at the impact that number systems, geometries, and technologies have had on the growth of civilization. Numbers, Reinagel notes, were central in the development of the concept of time and calendars. Astronomy, geography, art and architecture all depended on numbers.

Fred “Fritz” Reinagel

Reinagel will engage the audience in a journey into the mysteries of numbers, and spark enthusiasm for them. He asks: “Why should we relegate this knowledge to the secret arcana of our high-priest ‘techies’”? Be prepared to participate in a lively, interactive exploration of numbers. Leave behind any numerophobia you might have and take a new look at numbers!

Reinagel is a retired engineer who resides in Academy Village. In addition to his skills and experience in technology, he has a life-long passion for music; mathematical and musical talent are often linked. He is well known as the founder of The Vail Chorale. In addition, Fritz is an accomplished musician on the viola da gamba and has participated in many early music performances in Tucson.

Written by Sabra Anderson, Academy Village Volunteer


A Numbers Talk That’s Not Just for Techies:Feb.2017
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