Health Care Support is the hub of the ASA’s continuity of care effort by providing support for health care prevention and treatment for Academy Village residents. The Academy Services Corporation (ASC), a support organization of the ASA, operates the program. The Health Care Support Center is staffed by Candi Tucker, RN, MA, and Donna Oliver, CNA.

Medical care has become very complex and often confusing.   The Center provides care, and helps residents navigate the Tucson medical world of primary and specialist physicians as well as hospitals and home care. Services of the Health Care Support center include direct care, case management, disease screening and wellness-prevention.  A complete list of services may be found by clicking here.

Health Care Support’s  greatest value arises in when a resident is ill, hurt or suffering a chronic condition. The nurse provides guidance for optimum care, faster recovery, or stabilization.

A subscription system for Academy Village residents provides funding for Health Care Support.

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13701 E. Langtry Lane
Tucson, AZ