Health Care Support is the hub of the ASA’s continuity of care effort by providing support for health care prevention and treatment for Academy Village residents. The Academy Services Corporation (ASC), a support organization of the ASA, operates the program. The Center focuses on health education, health screening, patient advocacy, fitness programs, and targeted interventions for disease prevention and wellness promotion.  

Medical care has become very complex and often confusing.   The Center provides care, and helps residents navigate the Tucson medical world of primary and specialist physicians as well as hospitals and home care.

Personalized services include:

Direct Care:  Wound care, laboratory services including blood draws each week, monitoring blood pressure, allergy and vitamin B shots;
Emergencies/First Aid:
Case Management: Assistance in finding health-care providers as well as counselors and psychologists, medication reconciliation, pre-and post-hospital care, liaison with hospital personnel, tracking medical records, contacting children and other relatives, etc.;
Legal/Financial: Help with medical power of attorney and living wills, finding fiduciaries;
Health Education: Review of lab and test results, disease processes, medications, etc.;
Loan Closet: Durable medical equipment such as canes and walkers;
Wellness-Prevention: Annual health consultations; fall-prevention assistance (including in-home consultation); resources for loneliness, depression, grief.

Health Care Support’s  greatest value arises in when a resident is ill, hurt or suffering a chronic condition. The nurse provides guidance for optimum care, faster recovery, or stabilization.

A subscription system for Academy Village residents provides funding for Health Care Support.

Health Care Support is staffed by Candi Tucker, RN, MA, and Donna Oliver, CNA.


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13701 E. Langtry Lane
Tucson, AZ