This image is included in Hortus Deliciarum, a medieval manuscript compiled by a nun at the Hohenburg Abbey in Alsace and finished in 1185. It depicts the trivium and the quadrivium, the seven fields of study considered the foundation of all human knowledge.  

Although the Middle Ages seem very distant today, Albrecht Classen will demonstrate how their thinking continues to offer inspiration for our modern world. He will address some of the most fascinating ideas and values as they were addressed by medieval poets, philosophers, theologians, and other intellectuals, which all deserve to be considered closely in our modern world if we want to move forward.

Some are thoughts on what constitutes true happiness, how we pursue God, what makes a good marriage, and the consequences of bad or good communication. Since every age and culture has its dark and bright sides, Classen’s lecture will address both.

He will present his talk, “Magic of the Middle Ages: Lessons from the Past,” at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday (Jan. 10) in the Arizona Senior Academy’s Great Room.

Classen is University Distinguished Professor of German Studies at the University of Arizona where he teaches classes of more than 100 students, lecturing on German and European literature and culture from 800 to1650. In summer, students accompany him to Europe to experience directly the monuments and artifacts of these cultures.

Albrecht Classsen

He has published well over 90 scholarly books including Magic and Magicians in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age (2017), and nine volumes of poetry. Among his awards are the prestigious Order of Merit from the German government (2004), Henry Koffler Research Award (2008), and the Carnegie Foundation Teaching Professor of the Year (2012). In October, Classen was knighted as the Grand Knight Commander of the Most Noble Order of the Three Lions, a dynastic order of chivalry formed by the Duke of Swabia, the head of the House of Bourgogne von Hohenstaufen, to honor outstanding acts of service or expertise in areas that are of benefit to humanity

This talk is co-sponsored by Arizona Humanities,

Written by Maria Dobozy, Academy Village Volunteer




Valuable Lessons from the Middle Ages:Jan.2018