Petie and dad Michael J. Ronstadt
Petie and dad Michael J. Ronstadt

Drawing on the musical traditions of the Ronstadt family across generations in Tucson and Mexico, Michael J. Ronstadt (younger brother of Linda) formed Ronstadt Generations together with his sons Michael G. and Petie back in 2009.  Since then they have performed locally, nationally and internationally, offering the rich harmonies of traditional Southwestern and Mexican songs alongside creative original material as they blend genres, stretching the boundaries of folk, blues, jazz and beyond.

While off the road, Michael J. and Petie began a regular gig at the Chicago Bar in Tucson, while Michael G. was in demand on the east coast and in the Midwest as a solo cellist and ensemble artist.  Over time, Michael J. and Petie’s duo at the Chicago Bar evolved into a larger band, now known as Ronstadt Generations y los Tucsonenses.

Michael J. and Petie continue to perform as Ronstadt Generations, and will appear as a duo at the Arizona Senior Academy on Tuesday (Jan. 13) at 11:30 a.m.  The audience is sure to enjoy a show filled with Ronstadt family stories, traditional songs and old Mexican favorites, as well as new arrangements of songs by the likes of Jimmie Rodgers, Paul Simon, Merle Travis, and Robert Johnson.

CD’s will be available for purchase at the concert, including Lulo, America Our Home, Memories of Christmas, Prelude and Epilogue.

Written by Leslie Nitzberg, Academy Village Volunteer


Ronstadt Generations Blend Folk, Blues and Jazz: Jan. 2015
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