J. Roger Angel
J. Roger Angel

Sustainability is acting with the future in mind, so that others in the future can have the same opportunities we have today.  In the desert Southwest that means capturing the sun’s free energy, saving money, reducing effects of climate change and using limited water carefully.

Academy Village’s annual Sustainability Seminars open with two seminars on Advances in Solar Energy Wednesday (Jan. 15)  and January 22 in the Great Hall of the Arizona Senior Academy.  Four seminars on Water Sustainability start on March 26.  All seminars run from 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Wednesday’s first seminar includes two talks. The first features J. Roger Angel, the University of Arizona’s Regents Distinguished Professor of Optical Sciences and a highly acclaimed astronomer, inventor and designer of astronomical mirrors.

Angel is turning his work to solar energy, inventing new solar mirrors and lenses that concentrate solar energy more efficiently than current technologies, perhaps leading to a new generation of solar power technologies that create energy at costs similar to burning fossil fuels.  He will present this new research – which has led to the development of a start-up company, REHnu – and also discuss the overall status of solar energy research and development in Southern Arizona.

Prof. Angel with a solar tracking device
Prof. Angel with a solar tracking device

The second speaker on Wednesday’s program, Adria Brooks (UA Department of Physics), will move from the research frontiers and promise of Angel’s work to the performance of new and traditional photovoltaic (PV) technologies including rooftop systems commonly deployed to date.

The solar energy seminars continue on Jan. 22, 2:30 pm, and will feature new developments for PV technologies and installations – including purchase compared to lease of residential systems – and discuss the emerging politics and policies that have already negatively affected use of PV systems and prospects for increased installation of solar power systems in sun-rich Arizona.

Submitted by Ted Hullar, Academy Village Volunteer

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Sustainability Seminars Start With Solar Update: Jan. 2014
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