Mark Gerrish (left) and Joseph Molnar (right) with unidentified colleague, USBP

Postponed due to Federal Shutdown 

The Arizona Senior Academy Building

Mainstream media have been full of negative publicity about Border Patrol agents: infants ripped from their mothers’ breasts, young children dying in custody, water removed from migrants crossing the desert. Have you ever wondered what really happens, what the mission and laws really are, and what a real day is like in the life of a Border Patrol agent? Now is your chance to find out!

More migrants enter the U.S. in the Tucson area than at any other part of the border. Come to this presentation and PowerPoint, “BP 101,” about Tucson Station Border Patrol operations. The lecture will focus on Border Patrol infrastructure and how they deploy their assets to carry out their assigned mission. The lecture will consider the difficulties presented by the huge desert terrain they patrol in southern Arizona and set out the variety of methods they use, including what they term a “multi-layer defense mechanism,” and the advanced technology at their disposal.  A short history of the Border Patrol will conclude the talk.  

The presenters, Joseph Molnar (right in the photo) and Mark Gerrish (left), both have nearly a decade of experience with the Tucson Station. Agent Molnar hails from Indiana but is now our neighbor just next door in the Rocking K Community. Agent Gerrish is a native Arizonan from Phoenix and first worked for the El Paso Station. Both agents have served in the Tucson Coordination Center, giving them a wealth of knowledge about the process once an individual is arrested by Border Patrol. Molnar and Gerrish are currently assigned to the Border Patrol community liaison unit, which is encouraging these presentations as a way “to provide a positive image” to counteract the negative media portrayals. 

Note: The presentation is timed for a full hour, but Agents Molnar and Gerrish will take your questions for up to half an hour afterward. 

Written by Marna Broekhoff, Academy Village Volunteer

Jan 24: BP 101–Getting to Know Your Border Patrol-POSTPONED