Jerry Freund
Jerry Freund

Jerry Freund, an associate at Medicine Man Gallery on Tanque Verde and East Sunrise Drive, is an expert on Navajo weavings. The Navajo wearing blanket he is wearing in the accompanying picture was woven circa 1875.

Freund will share his knowledge—and bring examples of weavings that go back in time from the 19th through the 20th centuries—in a presentation entitled “The Gift of Spider Woman.” The event will begin at 3:30 p.m. Thursday (Jan. 28) in the Great Room of the Arizona Senior Academy.

His talk will focus on Navajo weavings, and he promises that the title of his talk, “The Gift of Spider Woman,” will become clear in the first few minutes of his presentation.

Freund grew up in Dodge City, Kansas, and spent his childhood absorbing tales of the American West from his grandfather. He rode the Santa Fe Trail, and began collecting Native American beads at the age of 14. He later spent time in Oklahoma, participating in Indian powwows.

Freund’s fascination with American Indian history and art continued during his 30 years as an administrator in Tucson Medical Center responsible for education. While there, he met a medical student, Dr. Mark Sublette, whose interests in American Indian art matched his own. Sublette moved on to establish art galleries in Tucson and Santa Fe that focus on the American West.

After his retirement, Freund joined Sublette at his Medicine Man Gallery, where he is able to pursue his life-long interest in American Indian art.

Written by Virginia Richardson, Academy Village Volunteer

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Navajo Weavings and ‘The Gift of Spider Woman’: January 2016
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