Baba Marimba members are (from left) Mike Ankomeus, Robert “Swami” Peizer, Heidi Wilson, and Mark Holdaway.
Baba Marimba members are (from left) Mike Ankomeus, Robert “Swami” Peizer, Heidi Wilson, and Mark Holdaway.

The colorful sounds and irresistible rhythms of world music await you as Baba Marimba takes the stage at the Arizona Senior Academy on Tuesday (July 26) for an 11:30 a.m. concert. Playing original compositions in the style of African, Middle Eastern, Cuban, Brazilian and World Beat music, the ensemble’s joyous performance will make you want to jump out of your chair and dance!

Baba Marimba is a dynamic group of creative musicians consisting of Heidi Wilson on saxophone, marimba and vocals, Mike Ankomeus on trumpet, marimbas, digeridoo and flute, Mark Holdaway on guitar, marimba and kalimba, and Robert “Swami” Peizer on percussion and marimba.  All of the band members contribute compositions as they trade passages of color from one instrument to another.

Wilson has performed with many musical groups in Tucson. She was a founding member of Eneke-the-Bird, a creative arts organization that existed in Tucson for 17 years.

Ankomeus is an experienced musician and educator who is dedicated to public service and community development. He is also a member of K-Bass, an Afro-Pop reggae band.

Multi-instrumentalist Holdaway is a master kalimba player whose varied musical styles include traditional and popular African music, Western folk and classical music, and pop and rock.

“Swami” Peizer was introduced to African drumming and dance over 20 years ago and was taught by musicians from the Middle East, Guinea, the Congo and Trinidad.  He loves adding their rhythms and instruments to world beat, jazz, hip-hop and folk music.

Written by Leslie Nitzberg, Academy Village Volunteer

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Catch Baba Marimba’s Irresistible Rhythms: July 2016