The Border.  A line on a map, cutting one place into two pieces.  Two sides, two countries.  But perhaps the border is better understood as a “Third Country,” squeezed between the US and Mexico, a land with its own life and character, its own issues and destiny.

Tom Miller cropIn a talk Wednesday (June 12) at Academy Village, Tom Miller, long-time observer of the borderlands and prolific writer about them, will present Writing on the Edge: Borderlands Reading. He will explore the borderlands in a new way: as seen by writers – Mexican and American – over the past 100 years, and leaven it with his own observations, gleaned from years of traveling the borderlands and writing about it and its people.

Miller’s 3:30 p.m. talk, sponsored by the Arizona Humanities Council, will cover the Mexican Revolution, immigration, international politics and intrigue, trade and smuggling . . . and evolution of the borderlands as its own place.  But the “take” will be different: understanding the borderlands through the minds of writers focusing on it over the past century, combining historical and literary perspectives.

Commentary on Tom Miller and his writings include “[bringing] the region to life . . . adding . . . . to its reality and magic” (Pete Hamill), “superb [reporting] and slyly funny stylist” (San Francisco Chronicle), “wit, compassion, and truth” (Lone Star Review), “a lively sketch of this unruly unpredictable place” (New York Times Book Review), and “Writing on the Edge is extraordinarily rich, complex, and unsettling” (Los Angeles Times).

A question-and-answer period will follow his talk, and copies of his book will be on sale.

Submitted by Ted Hullar, Academy Village Volunteer

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The Borderlands – As Writers See It: June 2013