An art talk by Brack Brown on “The Art of Land and Scapes” is on tap at the Arizona Senior Academy at 3:30 p.m. Thursday (June 22) Brown’s third ASA art talk deals with the evolution of landscape art in the West over the past 500 years.

Recognition of the category “landscape art” in the West began in the Netherlands in the late 15th century. Their term, ‘landschap’ referred to a scene from a region or province. Until the Reformation, the primary art patron was the Catholic Church.  Emergence of prosperous Dutch Protestants created a new demand for secular art to decorate homes.

Landscape painting covers a wide range of styles, including Paul Gauguin’s 1891 “Tahitian Landscape” (left) and Torben Geihler’s 2001 “Tomorrow World” (right).

Artists to be discussed in this talk are Bruegel, Gaugin, Monet, Hokusai, Homer, Monet, Church, Turner, and Hocking. The talk explores the expansion of subject matter, mediums used, masters of the genre, and social influences on the subject matter such as the Reformation, industrialization, urbanization, and landscape photography.

Brown is a senior docent at the University of Arizona Museum of Art. He and the other docents deliver art history talks throughout the greater Tucson area. When Brown is not himself giving one of his art talks, he is often pursuing his own art interest in desert photography.  At one time he served on an Academy Village committee that selected artwork for the village’s own art gallery.

Written by Brack Brown, Academy Village Volunteer


The Art of Land and Scapes: June2017
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