Laird Close
Laird Close

The Arizona Senior Academy is honored and privileged to present an encore of the UA College of Science’s “Life in the Universe” lecture by Professor Laird Close. His talk, entitled “Amazing Discoveries: A Billion Earth-Like Worlds,” will be presented, free of charge, at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday (March 12) in the Academy’s Great Room.

Close is a Professor of Astronomy at the University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory. His work is at the forefront of using adaptive-optics techniques that allow telescopes to see through interference caused by motions of the Earth’s atmosphere. Such modern instrumentation allows him to make exceptionally high-resolution observations of extra-solar planets, which he will discuss in his lecture.

He also uses those techniques to study both young stars in the process of forming and old stars nearing their end, as well as solar-system objects like Jupiter’s moon Titan and asteroids.

When not developing equipment and using it to study celestial objects, Close teaches classes on adaptive optics and astrobiology.

Written by Marcia Neugebauer, Academy Village Volunteer



‘A Billion Earth-Like Worlds’ – Do Any Support Life? March2015
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