The Supreme Court of the United States is more powerful today than it was when the Constitution was ratified 230 years ago. But does the high court “make law” or simply interpret the Constitution and laws of the land?

The Arizona Senior Academy is hosting a discussion focusing on our current political environment and how it relates to the views of James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and others as expressed in the Constitution and The Federalist, a set of “papers” published in newspapers in 1787 and 1788 by proponents of the Constitution.

The fourth installment of this five-part series will be held on Wednesday (March 22) when the topic turns to the Supreme Court. Each talk will begin at 2:30 p.m. in the Senior Academy’s Great Room.

The speaker and discussion leader is Jed Kee, who holds degrees in law and public administration from New York University and worked in all three levels of government before joining George Washington University in 1985, where he was a professor and dean before his retirement.

Kee’s March 22 talk on the Supreme Court will discuss questions such as: What did the founders create and what ambiguities existed at the time of the Constitution? Is partisan behavior more common in the present Court environment? What are the key issues before the Court in its current term?

The final talk in the series will discuss Emerging Issues and Conclusion (April date to be determined).

Those interested in preparing for the discussions should buy or download a copy of The Federalist. Professor Kee recommends the Gideon Edition, edited by Carey and McClellan and published by the Liberty Fund, for its interesting introduction.

Written by Jed Kee and Mike Maharry, Academy Village Volunteers

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