Cellist Harvey Wolfe
Cellist Harvey Wolfe

“CHIANNHARY” is an acronym, made from the first letters of the names of the three players in a new piano trio who will perform at the Arizona Senior Academy at 11:30 Tuesday (March 22). It follows a precedent set many years ago by a famous piano trio named “Albeneri.” The present ensemble declares they aspire to the same high standard set by that group.

Chia-chun Ko, pianist, was educated in Taiwan, and is a doctoral candidate in collaborative piano at the University of Arizona and an accompanist for the TSO chorus.

Anna Gendler, violinist, received her training in Russia, and has been with the first violin section of the Tucson Symphony for many years. She has appeared widely as soloist and chamber musician and takes part in several festivals nationwide.

Harvey Wolfe, cellist, retired from the Cleveland Orchestra in 2004, after completing 37 years with the group. He has performed chamber music throughout his career.

Both Gendler and Wolfe have appeared on several occasions at the Arizona Senior Academy to the acclaim of audiences.

These musicians were brought together by a mutual love of the classic piano trio repertoire. Their ASA performance will feature Beethoven’s “Archduke Trio” (Op. 97).

This work is the most famous of the Beethoven trios. It was completed in 1811 at a point where Beethoven had lost almost all of his hearing. He played the piano part himself at its first performance, and the occasion marked almost the end of his playing in public. It was dedicated to the Archduke Rudolf of Austria, Beethoven’s friend, benefactor, and pupil for 10 years.

Among the last of his middle period “heroic” works, it is ingratiating, charming, noble and warm with little of the Beethoven’s famous “storminess” in this beautiful piece.

Written by Wayne Magee, Academy Volunteer


New Piano Trio to Play Beethoven’s ‘Archduke’: March2016
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