Robert Smith
Robert Smith

Is the red cell a new Communist plot? Is Putin up to no good?

No! Learn about our own red cells, or erythrocytes, next Thursday (March 27) at 3:30 p.m. when The Arizona Senior Academy monthly health lecture features Dr. Robert Smith, M.D.

Why does the red cell not have a nucleus?    Why does a red cell change its shape?  What do red cells do when exposed to stress and what does that mean physiologically?  How do changes in the oxygen carrying ability of hemoglobin help the body to bring more oxygen to areas in need?

A retired Clinical Professor of Medicine at State University of New York at Syracuse and Founder of Syracuse Hematology Oncology, Smith’s talk, “The Incredible Red Cell,” will discuss these questions and speak about the structure, function and physiology of the red call.  Also covered will be iron deficiency anemia and hemtology in seniors.

Smith received an M.D. degree from the University of Pennsylvania and completed a residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in hematology at the same university.  He later served as flight surgeon in the US Air Force and then joined the faculty at the University Hospital/SUNY in Syracuse, N.Y.

As a Member to the Cancer and Acute Leukemia Group, he has participated in research in red cell metabolism and clinical research. His papers include red cell metabolism in liver disease, the diagnosis of polycythemia and atypical lymphomas.

Submitted by Walter Freedman, Academy Village Volunteer

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Red Cells -They’re Hardly a Communist Conspiracy: March 2014
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