Rampant corruption and inadequate access to quality education have left nearly half of Latin America’s children in poverty.

Despite being rich in resources, many Latin American countries remain politically and economically unstable, with rampant corruption and inadequate access to quality education complicating matters.

Further, the uncertainty over the foreign policy intentions of the new administration in Washington leaves us with evolving questions over how best to foster mutually beneficial relationships with our Latin American neighbors. Questions remain over trade policy with Cuba, drug trade policy, immigration matters, and how China’s trade relations with Latin American intersect with our own.

These and other questions will be up for discussion in a program entitled “Latin America’s Political Pendulum,” the Arizona Senior Academy’s next installment of an eight-part Great Decisions 2017 series presented by the Foreign Policy Association.

The discussion will be held at 3:00 p.m. Thursday (March 9) in the ASA Great Room. Each session will include comments by the facilitator, giving a context to the topic, a DVD presentation on the topic (provided by the Foreign Policy Association), and a discussion of relevant questions.

The facilitator for this session is John Evans, a clinical psychologist and neuroscientist who recently returned from three years living in South America. He and his wife resided in a variety of regions, and eventually were involved in establishing a cross-cultural community center, a recording studio, a marketing agency, and finally in earthquake disaster relief. His son married an Ecuadorean, and he now has an extended family of South American natives who live in both Americas.

Designed to elicit constructive ideas from those who attend, the 2017 series focuses on the theme “Continuity and Change in American Foreign Policy,” a theme especially relevant in this year of presidential transition.

Still ahead in the series are programs on nuclear security (March 15) and Afghanistan and Pakistan (April 6).

Written by John Evans, Academy Village Volunteer

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Poverty, Education Among Latin American Concerns: March 2017