music-notes imageThe sounds of choral music will fill the air when the University of Arizona’s Collegium Musicum performs an evening concert at the Arizona Senior Academy on Monday (Nov. 9) at 7:30 p.m.

The program will present themes ranging from heartbreaking sorrow to praise, love and joy. Some pieces will be sung a cappella, others will be accompanied by harpsichord or organ and strings. Italian, English and German music will cover a variety of styles.

Claudio Monteverdi’s madrigal, “Incenerite spoglie,” displays his renowned skill in musical word painting with sighing melodic figures and poignant suspensions to depict grief over the death of a lover. Giacomo Carissimi portrays the anguish of a father who must sacrifice his daughter in “Plorate filii, Israel” from his oratorio “Jephte,” using chained suspensions to portray mournful cries.

William Byrd’s motet, “Haec Dies” is written in the polyphonic style of the high Renaissance, while Orlando Gibbons’ “Magnificat for the Short Service” is a more homophonic declamatory setting. Thomas Weelkes’ madrigal, “Hark all ye Lovely Saints,” concerns itself with Diana (goddess of Love), Cupid and weeping ladies, but nevertheless ends with a lighthearted “fa-la” refrain.

Donathan Chang
Donathan Chang

Heinrich Schütz brought the Italian styles of Monteverdi and Giovanni Gabrieli to Germany. His Psalm settings, “Herr, auf dich” and “Cantate Domino” will close the program.

The Collegium Musicum’s members include both students and community singers. This year’s director is Donathan Chang, a doctoral candidate in choral conducting who received his master’s degree from Westminster Choir College.

Written by Leslie Nitzberg, Academy Village Volunteer

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Choral Group’s Program: From Sorrow to Joy: November 2015
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