What is Art?  How do we decide what art is and is not?  Why do we disagree with others on what is and is not good art?  Is the value of a work inherent in the object at hand, or is it related to our observations and personal sensitivities?

At 3:30 p.m. Wednesday (Nov. 9), Mariana Carreras will address these and other questions about the nature of art with many visual images and interesting and provocative questions.

We can start this fascinating inquiry with the following questions asked of each photo below: Is it Art? Is it good art?  What is it about each that I like or dislike?

"Fountain" by Marcel Duchamps and "Grotesque Old Woman" by Quentin Massey
“Fountain” by Marcel Duchamps and “Grotesque Old Woman” by Quentin Massey

Carreras was born in Monevideo, Uruguay, and received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fine arts at The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.  Moving to Tucson, she opened the Carreras Art Studio and became an active artist in the Tucson Community.

Mariana Carreras
Mariana Carreras

Carreras is a guest lecturer at the Tucson Museum of Art, and was a board member, volunteer and fundraiser for The Drawing Studio.  She has been a full-time Faculty Member at Pima Community College for nine years, and is now a department chair.

In 2012, she received the Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award for her contributions to the Department of Arts and Humanities. She has also been nominated for Best Art-Educator at the Arizona Governors Award Ceremony.

Written by Virginia Richardson, Academy Village Volunteer

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Deciding What’s Art, What’s Not: November 2016
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