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Grace Rolland

Arizona Senior Academy audiences often take pleasure in performances by new combinations of some of our favorite local performers. On Tuesday October 16th, such a musical mix will feature the trio of Grace Rolland, Katherine Byrnes and Ryan Alfred, performing as Rising Sun Daughterin a concert beginning at 11:30 a.m.

Rising Sun Daughteris a solo-collaborative project from Grace Rolland, cellist and vocalist of the nationally acclaimed band Run Boy Run. Rolland’s new band incorporates storytelling, lyricism, emotional honesty and beautiful musicality. Drawing inspiration from lyrical masters such as Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen, and legendary vocalists from Judy Garland to Patsy Cline to Edith Piaf.

Rising Sun Daughter provides Rolland with the opportunity to write and join with a variety of instrumentalists, singers, and writers beyond the bluegrass-Americana-folk style of Run Boy Run. Most recently, she found a steady collaborator in Ryan Alfred, leading songwriter and bandleader of Sweet Ghosts, who also toured with Run Boy Runon bass for much of 2016. It was during this time that Alfred and Rolland worked on her first studio EP record, which he produced and is soon to be released.

Ryan Alfred and Katherine Byrnes’ years of songwriting and evocative harmonizing in their band, Sweet Ghosts,make them natural collaborators for Rising Sun Daughter. While Rolland’s band often includes additional players on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, double bass, keyboard and percussion, it will be the more intimate trio that will perform in Tuesday’s ASA concert.

Written by Leslie Nitzberg, Academy Village Volunteer

Oct. 16 Rising Sun Daughter