The Nov, 6 election will present voters with many alternatives. Six Propositions on the ballot stand out for their subtlety and complexity.

At 3:30 p.m. Wednesday (Oct. 17) in the Arizona Senior Academy’s Great Room, Betsy Bolding, a representative of the League of Women Voters, will provide information on the background of the State and County propositions and answer questions about the election process.

The League has historically provided thoughtful, unbiased and non-judgmental information about elections. In the past their sessions at the Arizona Senior Academy have been well-received and greatly appreciated.

The following summaries provide only cursory information; they do not entirely explain each Proposition.

Proposition 125 would allow the State to adjust benefits for corrections officer retirees and elected official retirees to provide greater financial stability in the pension system.

Proposition 126 would amend the State constitution to prohibit taxing services now exempted by statute.

Proposition 127 would amend the State constitution to require electrical energy providers to generate at least 50% of their annual sales of electricity from renewable energy sources. This Proposition has garnered the greatest attention among all Propositions.

Proposition 305 would expand publicly-funded “empowerment scholarship accounts” to private or home-based schools.

Proposition 306 would prohibit statewide and legislative candidates who receive public campaign financing funds from transferring funds to a political party or an organization that attempts to influence elections.

Proposition 463 asks voters to authorize the sale of $430 million in general obligation bonds to fund the reconstruction, preservation, and repair of existing Pima County roads so as not to increase the current property tax rate.

Betsy Bolding

In Proposition 468, Vail School District asks voters to authorize the sale of General Obligation Bonds for building or renovating school buildings, grounds, busses, and other improvements not funded from State sources.

Since serving as Gov. Bruce Babbit’s representative in Tucson, Bolding has served in many community leadership capacities.

Written by Sarah Dinham, Academy Village Volunteer

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