This year’s Arizona Graduate String Quartet members are (clockwise from upper left) Stella Kim, Diana Chiknaikin, Grace Kawamura, and Gouqin Shi.
This year’s Arizona Graduate String Quartet members are (clockwise from upper left) Stella Kim, Diana Chiknaikin, Grace Kawamura, and Gouqin Shi.

The University of Arizona Graduate String Quartet will perform at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday (Oct. 25) in the Great Room of the Arizona Senior Academy.

Their concert will feature Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s String Quartet No. 14 in G major, K. 387, nicknamed the “Spring” quartet. Composed by Mozart in 1782, this was the first of the Haydn Quartets, a set of six that he wrote during his first few years in Vienna in honor of the composer Joseph Haydn.

The Graduate String Quartet, now in its second iteration, was endowed through a $2 million gift to the Fred Fox School of Music from Sheldon Danielson.

In establishing his endowment, Danielson said (in part): “I’ve decided to invest in the education of young musicians in the certain knowledge that music is one of the highest – yet most mysterious– achievements of the human species, fully on a par with physics” (his field; with emphasis on a career of computerized scientific measurements).

The UA Graduate String Quartet is comprised of master’s and doctoral students selected from a competitive international search. The current members represent New Zealand, the United States, China, and Australia, and are violinists Stella Kim and Grace Kawamura, violist Gouqin Shi, and cellist Diana Chiknaikin.

This quartet will build upon the success of the previous Graduate String Quartet that made many concert appearances during the past year, including venues in Tucson, Ajo, Phoenix, Vail, El Paso, and Salt Lake City.

This year’s ensemble will perform two full recitals on campus, teach in a new UA string youth education project, teach chamber music at the University, and perform concerts on tour in the southwest region and nationally.

The ensemble is coordinated by Theodore Buchholz, and coached by Professors Hong-Mei Xiao, Timothy Kantor, and Buchholz.

Written by Wayne Magee, Academy Village Volunteer

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String Quartet to Play Mozart’s ‘Spring’: October 2016