Brad Holt

Brad Holt, M.D.

Thursday, September 12, 2019, 7:30-8:30 p.m.,

(note special evening time)

The Arizona Senior Academy Building

Drones have become an increasingly important and sometimes controversial subject. These small remotely-controlled aircraft have evolved from interesting toys and hobbies to important observational tools, particularly once cameras were installed.

So, what is the history of these flying devices? How did they come to be, and how are they being used today? Our presenter, Brad Holt, will help us understand the history of these flying cameras, our privacy and safety concerns, and how drones are now increasingly being used as tools to help society. 

A local physician who grew up in Tucson, Brad Holt got his undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona, an M.D. from the U. of A. Medical School, and did his residency in Tucson.  He is now an Anesthesiologist here. Having had a strong personal interest in drones for a long time, he founded a local drone company, offering his company’s images and videos to various clients, including the most-used solar installer at Academy Village, Technicians For Sustainability. He was recently hired by TFS to make aerial videos over our community to promote TFS, with Academy Village retaining rights to use the videos for its own promotional desires.

Dr. Holt will tell us some history of drones, along with his involvement, and legal requirements for drone operation, including some anecdotes from his experience.  He will explore some of the evolving wonderful ways these devices are now being used to help society, for example: their assistance to firefighters and other first-responders.  He will also point to some new and interesting uses of drones, such as their increasing presence in cinema and stand-alone artistic expression, with both still images and videos.

Please join us for this interesting presentation and discussion the evening of September 12.

Written by Ivar Sanders, Academy Village Volunteer