Curt Hanson

Curt Hanson first travelled to Botswana as an adolescent with his parents.  They were on a tour of Botswana sponsored by the Brooklyn Zoo.  When he graduated from college, he joined the Peace Corps and found himself in Botswana once again. He taught Secondary Science and Math—and was responsible for many other activities such as baseball. He came back to the states to become certified in teaching, and headed back to Africa for a career in education.

Hanson will talk about Botswana and his life there in a 3:30 p.m. Wednesday (Sept. 20) lecture in the Arizona Senior Academy’s Great Room.  He will describe the changes he witnessed over the years—and the changes he has noticed in the United States upon returning.

Botswana is a fascinating country.  Landlocked and a former British protectorate , it has a stable representative government and is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The latter provides a modest standard of living for its inhabitants—quite different from many of the other countries in Southern Africa (except South Africa). The economy is dependent on mining and tourism. There are no mountains, and 70 percent of the country is the Kalahari Desert.

Hanson is intrigued by the changes he witnessed in his 30-plus years in Botswana.  And having recently moved from Botswana to Tucson, he finds the changes in America are equally dramatic.  Moving back to the States has been difficult for him—often called “reverse Culture Shock.”  He is particularly taken back by what he perceives as the excessive spending by people in the States.

Written by Virginia Richardson, Academy Village Volunteer

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Tales of an Expat’s 30 Years In Botswana: September 2017
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