fadi and tamaraHusband and wife duo Fadi Iskandar and Tamara Khachatryan will present a recital at the Arizona Senior Academy on Tuesday (Sept. 3) at 11:30 a.m. These talented violinists have made their way to the United States from Aleppo, Syria and have been living in Tucson for the past year.

Tamara Khachatryan left her native Armenia in 1998 after completing her musical studies, to seek performance opportunities as a violinist in Syria, where she met fellow violinist Fadi Iskandar, a native Syrian of Armenian heritage.

Iskandar received his musical training at the Arabian Institute of Music in Aleppo, under the tutelage of several esteemed Russian violinists who were preeminent among the faculty. He eventually became a professor of violin as well as director of the Institute’s chamber orchestra. Fadi and Tamara were married in 2001. They have a 5-year-old daughter and are expecting a new little sister for her in November.

Iskandar has toured major cities of the United States several times as an orchestral member accompanying Syrian and Lebanese singers. He and Khachatryan have also traveled to other countries around the world performing together in various ensembles. In Syria, they often gave solo and duo performances with the late pianist Vladimir Kasatkin, who had been a professor of piano in Moscow before coming to Aleppo to teach at the Institute of Music.

For their concert at the Arizona Senior Academy, Iskandar and Khachatryan will perform unaccompanied solo and duet pieces by a variety of well known composers. Their program will include selections from Bach’s Partitas for Solo Violin, duet arrangements of Schubert Lieder, Tchaikovsky’s Humoresque, a Cantabile by Paganini, and Manuel de Falla’s Danse Espagnole. In addition to the western classical pieces, they will close their program with some lively Russian, Hungarian and Gypsy folk tunes.

Submitted by Leslie Nitzberg, Academy Village Volunteer


Couple To Play Violin Classics — and Some Gypsy Music: Sept. 2013
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