applause_answer_2_xlargeArizona Senior Academy member dues pay for our fine concert and lecture programs throughout each year. But since our budget is tight, we occasionally come across events that are just out of our financial reach. Beginning in 2013, we asked members and non-members to consider making tax-deductible gifts to the Academy so we could afford to book some of these events. Members and non-members were invited to become program sponsors, while non-members were also encouraged to become Friends of the Arizona Senior Academy.

We wish to acknowledge the individuals listed below for their generous support of our mission to bring artistic, cultural and intellectual stimulation to all members of the Greater Tucson community in 2015.


2016 Donors


Richard Alden

Dennis and Sabra Anderson

Daniel and Alma Angelo

Bonnie Beckmann

Donald and Ruth Behnke

Nico and Deli Bloembergen

Arthur and Martha Boright

Bernd and Erika Brand

Duane Callahan

William and Sue Carter

Helen Cigrand

Michael Chriss

Merlin and Joan Douglas

Millicent Dunfey

Michael and Doris Duniho

Berry Feinberg

Gary Fenstermacher and Virginia Richardson

Patricia Finney

Don and Carol Gilzinger

Bruce and Edythe Gissing

Patricia Grossman and Vicki Mitchell

Deon and Diane Holt

Ted and Joan Hullar

Ross Iwamoto and Marianne Vivirito

Harrison Johnson

Jed and Suzanne Kee

Rodger Kerwick

Edward Kolner

Laurie Leet

Wayne and Nan Magee

Stephenie McGinnis

Sarah McGreevey

Richard and Mary Miya

Marcia Neugebauer

Paul O’Connor

Malcolm and Jane Parker

Charles and Gretchen Prewitt

Myrna Rian

Carol Roso

Kenneth and Geraldine Schneider

Judith Steller

John Sundell

Additional thanks to all of the ASA members who pay dues and volunteer as presenters, on committees and in many other ways—you make it all possible.