The non-profit ASA exists to support lifelong engagement with extended learning, creativity and public service for adults in or near retirement. We are located in the Academy Village/Altura active adult community in the Rincon Valley of eastern Tucson. Founded by a former UA president, our affiliation with the University of Arizona downtown helps the ASA provide a rich year-round menu of public concerts and lectures. Each week we enjoy a range of talented artists, experts and scholars, including faculty guests sharing encores and previews of headline events. This has made ASA an audience magnet for much of eastern Tucson and beyond.

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    Freya Creech

    Tuesday, September 24

    “Sonia Eckhardt-Gramatté – Caprices“

    Freya Creech, violinist

    11:30 am – 12:30 pm,

    The Arizona Senior Academy Building

    Enjoy an unusual presentation as British violinist Freya Creech interprets the beautiful and imaginative 10 Caprices for Solo Violin by Russian composer Sonia Eckhardt-Gramatté, against a backdrop of photos and paintings created by German artist Walter Gramatté.  Freya Creech combines a busy schedule as a soloist, chamber musician and collaborative artist, regularly performing in venues across the UK and throughout Europe.  Several years ago, her research into music for solo violin led her to discover the 10 Caprices by the little-known female composer Sonia Eckhardt-Gramatté.  Her Caprices tell much of her life story: adventures around Europe as a female composer in the 20th century, her life during both World Wars, and her love and heartbreak.  Walter Gramatté was an expressionist painter who often presented a mystical view of nature, specializing in magic realism. He died at the age of 32, leaving behind various art works devoted to Sonia.

    Maria Neugebauer

    Wednesday, September 25


    Marcia Neugebauer

    2:30-3:30 pm, The Arizona Senior Academy Building

    Asteroids, comets, meteors, moons – so many objects flying around us, “out there.”  Marcia Neugebauer, Research Associate at the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, plans an introductory review of just one of these: the one that has both captured attention and led to doomsday predictions. “Asteroids 101,” as Neugebauer might call it, will be an introduction for listeners who haven’t studied asteroids but are curious about current attention to these objects. Neugebauer will begin at the beginning by explaining what asteroids are, where they are located, how they relate to nearby objects, how asteroids have collided with Earth, and what asteroids mean today for people on earth.



    Christine Blevins

    Thursday, September 26

    “FDA Regulations and Drug Development:

    Do I Want to Enroll in a Clinical Trial?”

    Christine Blevins

    2:30-3:30 pm,

    The Arizona Senior Academy Building

    Most Americans with adequate medical care benefit from the wonders of modern pharmaceutical science. Many rely upon prescribed drugs to support their wellbeing, but how are those drugs invented? How are they tested? And how can we count on that process to be scientifically accurate and medically beneficial?  Christie Blevins has over 30 years’ professional experience in clinical trial research and drug development. She has monitored over 20 clinical trials in such varied fields as oncology, organ transplantation, migraine, and schizophrenia. She’s helped develop new drugs within the US, Latin America, and internationally, and serves currently as a consultant for a small company supporting biopharmaceutical companies in delivering clinical trials and drug development.   Christine will speak about the full drug development process, from initial research developed by scientists and medical investigators, through new technological developments and clinical trials, to the biotech companies that further develop and produce drugs for use with patients. The procedures she will describe include intensive FDA monitoring of the entire spectrum of the drug development process.   Clinical trials, a critical component of that spectrum, will be featured in this presentation.   



    ASA FacilityThe non-profit Arizona Senior Academy (ASA) is the cultural hub of the Academy Village/Altura retirement community for active adults in eastern Tucson and we have a public service mission to enhance lifelong learning and creativity. Located at the foot of the beautiful Rincon range in eastern Tucson, we are on the southern side of Saguaro National Park East, not far from Vail, AZ. (See map)

    To attend an event: Public concerts and lectures at the ASA are free of charge. But if you wish to assure seating, you may make reservations by sending an email to ASA Operations Manager Tremia Cox (

    Postal Address: 13715 E. Langtry Lane, Tucson, AZ 85747


    The ASA is supported solely by membership dues from Villager residents and tax deductible donations from fans, families and friends. All contributions welcome with thanks!


    A treasure on the eastside.

    Samples of past events: Classical cello and piano by Sanda Schuldmann and Harry Clark; concert from Vail Chorale led by Academy member, Fritz Reinagel; lectures on topics in science and art; ASA concert by steel drum band from Empire High; concert by Ronstadt Generations; pre-season Downton Abbey preview at ASA via PBS and KUAT

    The non-profit Arizona Senior Academy was conceived by former UA president Henry Koffler before any homes were built in our community. Then and now, the ASA mission has been to support extended learning, creative engagement, mentoring and public service over the entire span of retirement.

    The lectures and concerts each week are open to the public and cover a wide range of content from science and technology to health, humanities and creative arts. This diversity also complements the aims of those who are not yet fully retired but wish to explore new interests or prepare for “encore” careers.

    Our village is an over-55 community and all residents become full dues-paying Academy members at age 60, providing support for the ASA. In addition to the concerts and lectures each week, the resident members have a number of amenities available to them. For example, the ASA support organization, Academy Services Corporation, runs the Academy Health Care Program on a subscription basis for resident members.

    Many supporters from east Tucson and nearby Vail who attend our public events also make contributions to the ASA as “Friends” and “Fans” of the Academy. From time to time, our members and friends also make direct donations to sponsor the appearance of an artist or expert of special interest.

    This mosaic depicts a sampler of past events, including a concert by the Vail Chorale founded and led by an Academy member, plus an early preview of the the final season of Downton Abbey which was co-hosted by ASA and our local PBS station KUAT.

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    ASA members are encouraged to stay active and use their experience and energy to help the community at large.
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    Our members have different backgrounds, but share a commitment to making retirement a time of cultural enrichment and intellectual stimulation.
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