Dr. Mark McMahon

Tuesday, January 15, 3:30, in the ASA Building

When we go to Nogales, among the first things we see after crossing the border checkpoint are pharmacies and dental clinics. Obviously, their primary clientele is U.S. citizens, and the attraction is much lower prices for services that can be very expensive in the U.S.  But is the level of care comparable? Is the trip worth it?  Can crowns really be produced and fitted in a day?  Would we have to know Spanish?

Dr. Mark McMahon, the founder of Coyote Dental and the SmileWorks Network, is a pioneer in setting up dental care for Americans in Mexico. He will explain the top ten reasons to get your teeth done across the border. (And suggest a few reasons not to!)  He will also answer the audience’s questions about specific needs and situations.

In 1999 our speaker embarked on a 2 ½ year solo-driving odyssey from Tucson all the way to the southern tip of South America! While returning he researched the dental industry in Nogales. He was so impressed with the quality, technology, compassion and affordability he started a company, Coyote Dental, to introduce people to the amazing resource we have less than two hours away.

Coyote Dental is a referral and shuttle service helping people save up to 70% on their dental care. For over three years Coyote Dental has been serving not just Tusconans, but patients from all over North America.

Dr. Mark McMahon is a graduate of the University of Pacific School of Dentistry. He is a past member of The American Dental Association, The America Society for Dental Aesthetics, and The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. His father, Dr. William McMahon, was also a dentist who practiced in Tucson for over 35 years. Dr. Mark has carried on his father’s legacy of caring for patients and providing affordable care.

Written by Suzanne Ferguson, Academy Village Volunteer



Jan. 15: Is Dental Care in Mexico Right For You?