Join Russ and Blyth Carpenter for a presentation of multimedia Mexican music that audiences may not have encountered before. Through video, audio, and live commentary, the Carpenters will present a “surprising range of Mexican music,” from the urbane melodies of Bolero to the breathtaking virtuosity of Son Jarocho and the irresistible rhythms of Cumbia.

The husband and wife duo will weave this music into the artistic and social history of Mexico and also show how cross-border influences have made the music, in their words, “more durable and enchanting than ever.”

Russ and Blyth both graduated from Stanford University, and both received their graduate training at Harvard University (Russ in law, and Blyth in Chinese history and language). Russ formed a law firm and a management consulting firm in San Francisco, specializing in the reorganization of non-profit healthcare systems. Blyth taught Asian history and became head of the history department at a college prep high school in Hillsborough, Calif.

Blyth and Russ Carpenter

At the age of 50, Russ and Blyth moved to the McKenzie River (Oregon) and devoted their entire time to uncompensated public service. This work was divided into two parts, of roughly equal weight. The first took place in Eugene, Oregon, where both of them served as founders, board members and officers of a number of community and university-based organizations and programs. The second part was based in the Himalayan country of Bhutan, where the two were founders and managers of a number of public service projects.

Four years ago, they purchased a winter home in Green Valley, Ariz. All along, the couple have maintained a vigorous interest in Latin American culture. They are life-time students of the Spanish language, frequent travelers to Latin America, and devoted to finding mature and humane solutions to border issues.

Posted by Mike Maharry, Academy Village Volunteer

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Discover the ‘Surprising Range of Mexican Music’: November 2018