Nota Bene members are (from left) pianist Marie Sierra, soprano Elena Galbraith, and flutist Sandy Schwoebel

The vocal-instrumental trio Nota Bene will return to the Arizona Senior Academy with a concert entitled “Songs of Love and Laughter” at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday (Nov. 28).

As a special feature, the group will be premiering a new work by Hank Feldman, former Professor of Music, Associate Director of Bands, and Professor of Tuba and Euphonium at the University of Arizona. The piece, Universo, was written for Nota Bene.  Feldman himself will be at the concert to talk about his piece.

Nota Bene is a group of three talented musicians: Elena Galbraith, soprano; Sandy Schwoebel, flute; and Marie Sierra, piano. They are advocates for contemporary music with its melodic and even jazzy tunes.

One of their missions with this concert is to dispel any fear of contemporary classical music. All music on the program will be from the 20th and 21st centuries, ranging from the charmingly silly cabaret songs of William Bolcom to beautiful lullabies and ballads by David Ashley White based on text from the works of Shakespeare.  Also, because, it’s the start of the Holiday season, they will perform some familiar seasonal songs, including a rollicking arrangement of Jingle Bells.

Nota Bene was formed in 2009 and has performed at the Arizona Senior Academy on two previous occasions. For those curious about the name, Nota Bene is a Latin/Italian term used by music scholars to call attention to important parts of their music manuscripts. N. B. can mean ‘note well’ or in the case of these three talented musicians it means “Pay attention because here comes some good music!”!

Written by Ann Ratcliff, Academy Village Volunteer

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Trio Returns with Songs of Love and Laughter: November 2017